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While admissions are open throughout the year the best time for admission is at start of academic session or the age of 18 months. We also take admission of 1.8 year-old children who enjoy our Day Boarding and later can join school. This way they feel very comfortable with the school environment and learning.


While one can apply online it is advised that you visit our centre. Our centre manager will be delighted to answer all your queries and also show you all facilities available at the centre. One can also fill the form above, We will revert to you in next 24 hours.


• The parent is required to fill up an admission form at the branch.

• The parent can visit our branch and take a school round and understand how little toddlers are nurtured beautifully with love and care at Sanskaar.

• Documents required: A birth certificate as a proof of age from a civic body is required at the time of registration.

• Two passport sized photographs are to be submitted at the time of registration.

Special Benefits

• We offer category benefits to parents who are in Noble profession like Teachers, Doctors, Defence. Corporate discounts also available (not available at all centers)

Faculty & Teachers


Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are a highly dedicated & professional team. All have the special qualities that distinguish a good teacher- patience and understanding. They are dynamic, relaxed and enthusiastic with the ability to create a friendly atmosphere in which the child can express himself and learn. They encourage the development of each child, by providing security and warmth, emphasizing self discipline more than authority and encouragement rather than punishment. Teachers at Sanskaar are carefully chosen having aptitude and experience to teach the young children. Never satisfied with the tried and tested, they delight In creating more effective ways to explore and share knowledge thus breathing life into their teaching, thereby enabling our children to go beyond learning. Our teachers are here because they love teaching, they love kids and they love SANSKAAR resulting in a dynamic, challenging and interesting and excitement filled atmosphere. All this is possible because of our continuous and comprehensive in-service orientation, education and training program for teachers through self motivated school based activities.

Teacher Training Program at Sanskaar

Once selected, our teachers go through an intensive training program to understand our teaching philosophy and to be kept up-to-date with the latest trends in teaching and early childhood development. We will also standardize all by incorporating an online certification course to be completed within stipulated time frame. Also they are given ongoing training in child psychology as well as an understanding on how children grow, develop, and learn and apply these principles to practical classroom teaching methods that include the following:


• Principles and practices in pre school education (Maria Montessori)

• Child growth (milestones, psychological perspectives, growth stimulation, hands-on training)

• Development and learning

Curriculum studies and pedagogy

Behavioral observation and screening

• Safety, health and nutrition

• Parent and teacher behavior

• Teaching aids

• Emergency and first aid

• Puppetry

• Pre-school storytelling

• Art and craft

• Learning and Development plans based on their role:


1. Pre-school appropriate practices

2. School age appropriate practices

3. Early literacy and language development

4. Basic guidance and discipline

5. Additional training on management strategies

6. Leadership development

7. Teamwork and commitment


Our learning Process integrates creativity and academic development that encourages curiosity and joy of learning. Children are free to grow, develop and

discover their full potential in an environment that is caring and rooted in the familiarity of their context.


Our Staff

At Sanskaar facilitators are fully dedicated and trained for early child care education. All staff members are chosen for their warmth, education and experience. Each person is encouraged to reach their full potential; therefore facilitators are involved in continuing education courses in Early Child Care Education.

Safety & Security


In order to give you complete peace of mind, the safety & security of the children is of utmost importance at Sanskaar, Children are released only to those individuals listed on the child’s records, at the time of enrolment. Gates and fences are strategically placed throughout the campus with safety and security always in mind.