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• 2000 to 3000 Sq. Ft. built-up space and 500 to 1000 Sq. Ft. Open space.

• For Metro’s & Big Cities 1500 to 2000 Sq. Ft. (Also First floor is permitted subject to legal conditions).

• Independent bungalow /row house/ground floor owned or leased.

• Situated at a residential location convenient in approach.

• Investment of 10-12 lakhs.

• Space for the visitor vehicle parking.

• Preferably less noisy & green surroundings.

• Safe & Hygienic for the children.

There must be a minimum of 4-6 Km distance between two branches of Sanskaar Play School in same cities.

Advantage of Choosing Sanskaar

The Sanskaar advantage evolves from the fact that the SSS will assist you in every conceivable manner and for every single issue and item that you will require once you come on board. Our system is under a constant up gradation based on feedback and advancements in the education industry. The benefits and advantage that you will enjoy are:


• Site finalization and layout design keeping in mind movement flow during the day.

• Interior design and equipment layout as per Sanskaar Standard Design (SSD).

• Soothing yet eye catching color design & patterns as per SSD.

• Change in color schemes and utilities placement where required as per SSD.

• All furniture and fixtures for classrooms, office and reception as per SSD.

• Training for all Teaching staff (TTPS).

• Training for all Franchise (FTPS).

• All assistance in interviewing, evaluating, recruiting and training the teaching staff is provided.

• Providing manuals for processes and timely seminars to enhance teaching capabilities.

• National campaigns thru print and mass media.

• Posters, brochures, leaflets, AV kits provided at launch and as and when required.

• Local level Road shows & Events — conceptualization, layout, planning & execution.

• All essential ATL and BTL activities at local level besides the national campaign.

• Special Event support for Annual day, 26th January/15th August/2nd October, Sports day etc.

• Organizing parents meet, seminars and participating in business/trade fairs.

• All equipment, tool and toys provided for A&C+ Playroom + Gym-Dining room.

• Books as per structured curriculum with latest in digital and multimedia educational methods.

• Brochures Leaflets, Visiting Cards & I-Card of Centre Director and staff provided before launch.

• Admission Form & Enquiry Form, Franchisee Certificate before centre launch.

• Complete child’s kit to include School Bag. Belt, Student Card and Syllabus.

• Complete set of Books & Rhymes CDs.

• Flex and GSBs as and where required as per size and SSD.

• Involving celebrities local and national for launch.

• Professional experienced and well trained staff to help launch and run a successful centre.

Why Choose us?


Sanskaar a Rewarding Partnership for Life

Come partner us in a recession free industry. In the toughest of times education remains the last place where people cut their budgets and more so in their child’s early education. At this stage, anything other than the best is a compromise for the child’s future. Preschool education will always remain one of the most recession free sectors to invest in.

Be Your Own Boss

There are many reasons why you should fulfil your dream of becoming your own boss and open a franchise Becoming a Sanskaar franchise will be a life- changing experience. As a Sanskaar franchise you eliminate all the hard work of finding a location, negotiating a lease, hiring reliable contractors and doing all this on-time and within budget, you become part of a complete turnkey business.

• At Sanskaar we already have an established system in place that you must follow. These systems are designed to improve the overall productivity and of each franchise. Having a proven system already in place eliminates the guesswork and errors a new business owner would normally face.

• At Sanskaar there will be an established corporate image and brand awareness recognition.

• At Sanskaar we endeavor to empower our franchise with complete knowhow on running the school. For this purpose we have the specially designed and engineered Franchise Training Program at Sanskaar (FTPS). This is a 1 week module compulsory for each franchise to attend at our corporate office within a flexible time frame of his choice.

• What makes Sanskaar stand out from all the others? We will train you to run your franchise exactly the same way their other franchise locations are run. This will ensure that you are running your business efficiently and will help to eliminate queries and knowhow every new franchise wants.

• At Sanskaar you will always have our support and the support of knowing you are part of a growing family. You will always be able to pick up the phone and ask questions to us or even to other franchisees. To ensure that you are up to date with the latest teaching techniques and in sync with the fast changing world of EITRI we will also conduct to 2 days seminars every 6 months for all franchises.

• At Sanskaar there is usually no need to worry about advertising as we take care of handling all of the marketing. If also have an outline for you to follow for local marketing and for this purpose we have specific vendors that will have systems in place for you to use.

• At Sanskaar you are also owner of an exclusive territory in which to do business. We will not have another franchise within a certain geographical region of your school. Also in case of demand or a new offer in the future, you will be entitled first right of refusal.

• At Sanskaar we will always offer you more opportunities to grow within the system. Once you have become a successful franchise owner the next step is to become a multi-unit franchise owner, if and when the opportunity arises you can manage more than one location and multiply your income. Owning multiple franchise locations can be very lucrative.

Sanskaar an Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Sanskaar Play School and Preschool offers the opportunity to the most lucrative and safe investments. Owning and operating a play school doesn’t require any technical qualification or past experience. Play School is all about teaching by reaching out to children in a fun and activity based manner. The investment is small and the break-in period even lesser,

• At Sanskaar owning a play school offer you the opportunity to interact with children and help develop their personalities. Playing the role of an educationalist gives a most satisfied feeling while also being recognized in society for providing education to children.

• At Sanskaar being part of an established group with a well known brand name ensures a successful business venture. It’s a self sustaining business because the demand for quality education is ever increasing. There will always remain huge scope for expansion and diversification.

• At Sanskaar with a modest investment and reasonable floor space requirement there is a fast break-in and return on investment. You will have access to a proven and successful format in operating the business that has been developed by us. You will you our well recognized brand name to reduce precious time, huge expenditure and effort that is need to establish a reputation in the already crowded market. You can bank upon the management for all marketing and personnel assistance.

Support System

At Sanskaar a franchise is provided with all knowhow, technical support training and logistical support Sales & Marketing Posters, brochures, leaflets, AV kits provided at launch and as and when required


• Marcomm support All essential ATL and BTL activities at local level besides the national campaign,

• Equipment supply All equipment, tool and toys provided for A&C + Playroom + Cameras + Furniture.

• Curriculum We offer a structure curriculum with latest in digital and multimedia educational methods.

• Support team Professional, experienced and well trained staff to help launch and run a successful unit.

• FTPS Specially designed training module to ensure all franchisee leverage our support system.

• Ongoing Support Timely seminars to ensure that all are in sync with the fast changing world of EITRI.



• As a first out of home experience we ensure that the classrooms feel like home the classroom is both simulating and fun to be in.

• Colorful themed walls and furniture add more to the life of a classroom and we ensure that the ambiance is something that a child would love to be in.

• All toys and equipment are safe, non-toxic, certified and made to international standards. These are designed to challenge the child’s abilities and help him grasp and grow faster. 

• With fun rooms, play rooms, gym etc our schools have all that a child wants and more. With carefully chosen locations out schools are located away from the hustle bustle and noise of city life and yet near to your homes.

• With interactive learning pattern aided by enticing toys and games, engaging stories and teaching aids a child learns and explores while having fun. Our motto is Fun in Learning and all our toys and teaching aids are so designed to ensure a child learns when touching exploring and enjoying. 

• Our teaching pattern conforms to international standard with specially designed curriculum and trained teaching staff who themselves have to undergo a

teaching course before they are employed at Sanskaar.

• All teaching staff is trained to international standards so they understand children and their needs perfectly. A teacher is a supporter and facilitator in a Childs learning years and must understand a child’s needs before he can help him develop the necessary skills and abilities.

• Along with learning another important aspect of a child’s growing years is fit and healthy lifestyle. With this objective we have the fitness and fun program for which we have the specially designed gym with necessary aids to help introduce a child to a healthy lifestyle at an early age.

Education System

The value of Kindergarten as a laboratory for studying about people will depend, in part, on the opportunities children may have there for play and for relationships with others.

The main objectives of kindergarten or Play School are:

• To develop emotional maturity by guiding the child to express, understand, accept and control his feelings and emotions.

• To develop good desirable social attitudes, manners and to encourage healthy group participation.

• To encourage aesthetic appreciation (art, music, beauty, etc.).

• To stimulate the child’s beginning of intellectual curiosities concerning his immediate environment. 

• To encourage the child’s independence and creativity by providing him with sufficient opportunities.

• To develop a good physique, adequate muscular co-ordination and basic motor skill in the child.

• To develop good health habits and to build up basic skills necessary for personal adjustments such as dressing themselves toilet and eating habits.


“The school is an opportunity for progress of the student. Each one is having the freedom to develop freely.”

Note: After finishing UKG, a child enters Class 1 or Standard 1 of primary school. Kindergarten/ Play School is usually not an integral part of regular

schools, though sometimes they are independent units and most often part of a larger chain like Sanskaar.